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I guess the last thing you need right now is to read another boring Bio. Who cares when I was born or what name I called my first cat? You want to know about the real Chris Degenhardt, right? Okay, I'm a Pom, and I have lived in Australia for thirty odd years. I have two beautiful sons and a pair of beautiful grandchildren.

For some 20 years, I have conversed with customers about my stories while selling my novels at local weekend markets, mostly around the beautiful Tweed Shire in picturesque Northern New South Wales. I love meeting interesting folk at these markets and talk books and an array of other subjects.

For many years I have been a colleague of the Science-Art Cancer Research Institute of Australia both as an author. Science Art is about Creative Physics. Many of my stories reflect this. As a Science-Art author, I have many Science-Art articles printed online, (www.academia.edu), which reflect my passion for ethics and human survival.

Over the last twelve years, I have ventured into writing novels, which I sell online and at the local art and craft markets. I have a deep passion for researching and writing contemporary stories about the various political and scientific scenarios taking place in our troubled but brave world. I can't wait to find out what my protagonists and antagonists are going to get up to each day. Sometimes the words just flow, and sometimes it is a struggle to move the tale on another chapter. But it is always exciting for me, and I can't wait to get started each morning.

Thank you for visiting my Website. I hope you enjoy my work.

All the best, Chris