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The world is collapsing in entropic chaos, and artificial intelligence is poised to take over. However, the worst threat of all comes from Diabolus, an ancient Sect dedicated to death and destruction


Abbott and Hassan seek the 'Key to Atlantis'. Dayton Lynsey pursues Diablo Sonata. Dr Gibson sends Colonel Lynch and a Marine Stargate patrol to help liberate the Atlanteans from the Singularians.


Abbott and Helen find themselves in a desert detention centre.
A sick little girl develops strange powers causing people to weaken and die. DARPA has Goman Worrall imprisoned on Earth.


Anika embarks on a Tarot journey that shapes her life.


What is happening to the Great Pyramid?
What is the mystery behind the Millennium Dome?
What does Stonehenge have to do with it?
What is going to happen when the clock strikes 12 and 2001 begins?


A plane crash; an ancient secret society; a scientific research facility; and murder all seem to be random events. Until a reporter called Rodger Potter links them all together.