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Inada, with Queensland Government support, plans to build a controversial mega coal mine in Central Queensland. Jericho Basin grazier, Ossie McCarthy, lost over half of his annual income due to seven year drought. Now the Queensland government is giving Inada a free water licence it it time for radical action.

And that is just the beginning as the plot unfolds.

If you enjoy historical and contemporary stories brimming with adventure, quests, conspiracies, humour, mysteries and wisdom, you've come to the right place.


These stories are works of fiction apart from the bits that aren't.

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On July 4 1947 a mysterious object crash lands in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. The Pentagon sends Rear Admiral Killenhoetter to Walker Air Force Base to investigate, where he is faced with many questions and few answers:
What was the object that crash landed that night?
Why were two mystery patients, called Greys, flown to Wright Field Air Force base?
Why were they then taken to an underground city near Washington DC?
What secret and bizarre experiments did the Tall Greys carry out under the top-secret Dulce Base?
Who was the mysterious Commander X?
Why were the army engineers digging tunnels under Navajo sacred land?
Who or what lived in the tunnels under Archeluta Mesa?
What did the test pilot shoot down and why did he have to face a martial?
The Admiral treads a dangerous path and finds the answers are tied to the covert JASON group, who have done a secret deal with the Tall Greys, But what does this deal entail?

My spiritual memoir describes my multi-dimensional soul journey of recovering my power and creativity as a psychic, awakened Starseed, former cult member, positive ET contactee, Earth healer. How I overcame limiting New Age beliefs, depression, spiritual abuse, mind control, predatory Indian gurus and more. You can do it too, by changing your beliefs, and find peace and joy.