My latest book 'Entropicus book 1 - The Mastery of Alchemy' is available as an eBook on Smashwords and as a print book on Feedaread

The world is collapsing in entropic chaos. Dominant forces destroy nations to control the gold, oil and drugs. Corruption in politics is rampant. Martial Law is imminent and artificial intelligence is poised to take over. However, the worst threat of all comes from Diabolus, an ancient Sect dedicated to death and destruction for its sake. They believe all universal life must perish, so they are speeding up the process with acts of extreme terrorism. Diablo Sonata, the current Mage uses the ancient art of alchemy to bring about maximum chaos and destruction. Only the secret Soter Group know about this Sect, and they carry out clandestine operations to stop the destroyers carrying out their destructive plans. One of its members, Hassan Shamsi, a powerful Alchemist teams up with the journalist, Abbott Gallagher in a quest to find the 'Key to Atlantis' to put the world to rights. But the diabolical forces will go to any lengths to stop them.


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If you enjoy historical and contemporary stories brimming with adventure, quests, conspiracies, humour, mysteries and wisdom, you've come to the right place.


These stories are works of fiction apart from the bits that aren't.

  • Investigation - The Nunnery Murders

    Three bodies are discovered in a disused nunnery in Ilfracombe. They appear to have nothing in common with each other except being left together on the cold
    stone floor. As the police delve into the case it becomes clear that the deaths have something to do with what happened at the nunnery in the past.

  • Millennium - Countdown to Chaos

    As people prepare for Millennium Eve celebrations around the world powerful hidden forces are planning something very different. Something so devastating it will change everything forever. Only a few people from different walks of life are aware of this threat and they band together in an attempt to avert the impending global catastrophe.

  • Ziggurat - The Real Agenda in Iraq

    A quest to find ancient ET technology in Iraq finds a team of scientists caught up in a race against time to stop a powerful global cartel from aiding the return of an ancient alien civilisation.