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For thousands of years, negative alien intelligence has manipulated us by stealth.

They have socially engineered the human population, using think tanks to condition our minds. Many people are subjected to Government sponsored mind control experiments without their permission.

Artificial parasitic negative entities are replicating universal natural laws.

As more people become aware of this mind control pandemic time is running out for humanity.

This story is a work of fiction apart from the bits that aren't.

Stealth book one is available from www.feedaread.com

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  • Bush lore

    Acrylic on stretched canvas
    60 cm x 60 cm
    $300 Au +pp

  • Dragon tower

    Acrylic on stretched canvas
    60 cm x 45 cm
    $300 Au +pp

  • Acrylic on stretched canvas
    60 cm x 45 cm
    $300 Au +pp

  • Anunnaki Book 1

    Four hundred thousand five hundred years ago Homosaurs came to Earth to mine for gold, which they desperately needed to save their planet, Nibiru. During its long orbit around the Sun it suffered from extreme global warming, so the gold was needed to make a heat shield. They landed in the 'now' Persian Gulf, where they set up their colony in a place they built, called Eridu. They came with advanced technology, far surpassing anything the natives had yet experienced. Their progress was marred by the incessant rivalry between the two Anunnaki princes. Nobody could have imagined the effect and impact they would have upon this planet and its inhabitants, then primitive ape men, just getting to grips with making fire. This is their and our story - The Greatest Story Never Told.

  • Anunnaki Book 2

    Over one hundred thousand years ago they ruled in Edin, Now Iran and Iraq, setting up magnificent cities that have long since crumbled to dust. The mining colony had expanded hugely to become the Anunnaki civilisation, which had spread to Africa and India - to quench Nibiru's seemingly never ending lust for gold. Rivalry between the brothers reached fever pitch, once EnKi made his human worker. The Anunnaki/ human hybrid race proliferated and the story took on biblical proportions, with rival Anunnaki armies using human hybrids to fight their wars - battles that led to the most devastating outcomes. Eventually the Anunnaki overlords leave the poisoned, scarred Earth and a legacy of fear and greed to an unsure and unprepared humanity. They promise to return to take over their humans. This is their and our story - The Greatest Story Never Told.

  • Anunnaki Book 3

    Marduk, now Lord of Earth, and directs humankind through his son, Nabu, in readiness for the Anunnaki's triumphant return. Nabu is caught up in the bloody violence as nation conquered nation; religion persecuted religion; and the Roman Church banned science. In the midst of all this death and destruction Nabu tracks, through 4000 years of history, a dark force that has a world domination agenda of its own. This leads him to the enigmatic Colonel, a key figure in the implementation of the New World Order. While Nabu works to bring humans back on his track, others try to thwart his plans and those of the Luciferians of whom the Colonel is a key member.

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